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Rory Doucette is a 4th + year Archaeology Major with a focus in Biological Anthropology and Human Osteology. They were a participant in the 2018 Portugal Bioarchaeology Field School and have volunteered at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. Rory is currently an RA for Dr. Jon Driver, working on lithic assemblages from Charlie Lake Cave while also working on their Honours under the supervision of Dr. Hugo Cardoso. In their free time they spend it chilling with friends, reading fiction, and playing Animal Crossing.


Vice President


Katy is a 4th year Archaeology major and is currently completing her last semester. In 2019, she participated in the K’omoks/SFU Field School in Courtenay, BC. This past summer, she took part in an excavation lead by Sarah Beaulieu of UFV at the WWI Monashee Internment Camp. For now, she would like to start working in CRM but is entertaining the idea of attending grad school in the near future. During her free time, she enjoys podcasts about true crime and bizarre happenings, fiber crafts, and eating.



Council Member

Damon is a third year archaeology and criminology double major. His academic interests are biological anthropology and human osteology. This is his second year with the ASS. Damon is currently an RA at the Centre of Forensic Research under Dr. Gail Anderson. After his undergrad Damon wants to pursue a masters program in Forensic/Biological anthropology.




India is a fourth year Archaeology major interested in museum studies and zooarchaeology. She is also pursuing minors in Biology and English. This past summer, she worked with the collections at the Maritime Museum of B.C. She is currently a Heritage Interpreter at a historic site. In her free time, she enjoys singing with her a cappella choir.



Interdepartmental Liason

Emma is a third-year archaeology student. She is also completing her GIS certificate. Her interests within archaeology are burial and ritual practices and she hopes to go into underwater archaeology. This summer, she completed her first co-op term as a museum assistant at the Port Moody Station Museum. While there, she worked on the current exhibits and down in the collections.




I'm a fourth year Archaeology major, I'm currently participating in the archaeology ambassadors program and am a member of several clubs. I'm particularly interested in Bronze and Iron age settlements, specifically in the UK and China.

Why do I like Archaeology?
I mean...who doesn't want to look at stuff from forever ago? It's like time travel. Kinda.


Social Media & The Debitage


Hello everyone! I am a 4th-year archaeologY major currently working on my honours as well as a certificate in religious studies!   In the past few years, I have had the absolute privilege of working at three archaeological sites; in 2019, I took part in the Capilano Field School in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve as well as the Pittencrieff Field School in Dunfermline, Scotland. This past summer, I was able to assist Dr. Sarah Beaulieu at the former Monashee Mountain Internment Camp.


Why Archaeology?

It's kind of a form of escapism, isn't it? I love the idea of, in some ways, getting to live the lives and experience the feelings of people who came before me. Archaeology is a valuable, if not always valued,tool for nurturing understanding and empathy toward the people who came before us. An understanding and empathy that can then, hopefully, be applied to the people of the world today!  


Faculty Liaison

I'm a 4th-year archaeology and history double major. I'm interested in classical archaeology and want to go on to do a Masters and PhD in archaeology.

Weird Fact: I'm really into learning about ancient and medieval fighting styles, and I want to immerse myself in the lives of ancient warriors. Perhaps I've got some deep-seeded dream to go back in time and be heroic or something. I also really like the daily lives of ancient peoples, seeing how strange they were and how much they were just like us overall. I'm just a big nerd with a dream of time travel.

Why Archaeology?: I love history and I love getting my grubby little hands on as many physical objects as I can. I like to touch what people of the past touched and see how and where they lived. I find it very fulfilling to take what appears to be a bunch of random objects and build a story from them. Sort of bringing the past to life. That's the kind of experience archaeology gives and I'm here for it.